Cleaning, organizing, re-organizing and learning

Dreamtime in slip

Dreamtime was put in the water and settled into her slip on Friday 22 May, and here she has stayed.

We moved aboard on Saturday, 23 May, and here we have lived. Internet access is dodgy at best, especially on weekends when there are so many more people in the marina vying for the same signal, so we have not been making updates to the blog or even keeping up with email as well as we would prefer.

The dock is its own little community within the larger community of the marina. Most people (95%?) don’t live aboard and are only here for the weekends. So the weekdays are a totally different experience than weekends, and much quieter. We moved aboard on Saturday of the US 3 day Memorial Day weekend holiday, so our first weekend was one of a lot of activity and meeting people on our dock. It was great to meet everyone and were invited to a pot-luck barbecue on Sunday night.

One of the first things I have noticed was how helpful everyone is. Whenever a boat is arriving or departing people come out on the dock to assist with lines and fend off so boats have an easier time making the tight maneuvers. Also, if someone has an engine issue (or any other issue) multiple people come by to lend a hand and/or give advice, guidance, and experience. Advice is just a question away.

Most boats back into their slips and most people spend their time in the cockpit of their boats, so all you have to do is look up and see who may be around to chat with or often in our case ask for advice.

Usually by mid-afternoon of the last day of the weekend, most weekenders have left and the dock and marina are very quiet with very few people about.

Of the 14 boats on our dock there are 3-4 liveaboards. One is transient and expects to leave in a few weeks time. One lives on the boat 5 days a week and goes back to their land based home for 2 during the summer. And then there are us and a family at the other end of the dock that are here 7 days a week.  So you can imagine how quiet it can be during the week.

Dreamtime is still a work in process. We have been spending our days cleaning the boat inside and out, moving things aboard, organizing, then re-organizing, getting familiar with the systems, and how things work and cleaning again. We are also making constant runs to West Marine (the marine supply store), the hardware store and the discount store for bits, parts, containers, cleaning supplies, you name it. The days are full on and have been flying by. We definitely are adapting to retirement life as we struggle to remember what day it is.

No, we haven’t taken Dreamtime out yet. We were still waiting for some bits and parts to put her together fully. The parts have arrived and we hope the riggers are able to go up the mast to install things in the next day or two. Bob still has to test and learn a few more systems and make sure all is right. We are hoping to untie the dock lines and go for a sail later this week.

We’ll keep you posted…that will be another exciting day.

Dreamtime Arrives…

We arrived in Rock Hall, MD on Tuesday, 19 May, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Dreamtime.

She had been put on a transport truck in Canada on Friday, and had to wait for a Canadian Monday holiday (Victoria Day) before she was able to cross the border to the United States on Tuesday. The transport company kept us informed of her journey and around 1530 on Wednesday she arrived at the Sailing Emporium on her truck. Yay!!!!

It was very exciting to see Dreamtime arriving.

They got her off the truck and into the Travelift to spend the night before putting her in the water on Thursday.

in travelift

Gozzard Owner Rendezvous

Where Dreamtime (the third from the left) has spent the past 2 years getting a refit.
Where Dreamtime (the third from the left) has spent the past 2 years getting a refit.

Last month we had the opportunity to travel to Goderich, Ontario, Canada for the Gozzard Owner Rendezvous (Reunion). 60 – 80 people attended (which represented 30 – 40 Gozzard boats) and it was a great opportunity to meet with other owners who are more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise about life on a Gozzard.

We have chosen to spend our first few months in the Chesapeake Bay at the Sailing Emporium in Rock Hall, MD.  The first 2 couples we met at the reunion have been spending summers at the Sailing Emporium for the past 10 years and invited us to request a slip across the dock from them so the Gozzard family can be close to each other. We are looking forward to learning as much as we can from our new friends.

Another group are planning to be in the Bahamas in the winter and are planing a reunion there at some point, which we will look forward to if we make it that far this winter.

All in all, it was fantastic to find a community of boat owners who are willing to offer a network of support for us, the new Gozzard owners.

Whilst in Goderich we were able to check out Dreamtime and see the work that has been done on her over the past 2 years. We are very much looking forward to getting her in the water soon.